How to stay active this weekend in Jozi!

How to stay active this weekend in Jozi

This past weekend was the annual 947 Cycle Challenge brought to us by Telkom. Last year I was all out there raising funds for a charity and super excited to be riding my first 947CycleChallenge. Let’s just say that’s where the excitement ended, when I crossed the finish line!

I’m super grateful that Darren supported me last year, but I know that he is able to achieve more from his cycling time. This year he was on his own, and he did well considering he didn’t train put any road riding time leading up to the race, and relied solely on his Spinning classes to get him to the finish. He was a tad apprehensive when we dropped him off at the start, but from his time crossing the finish he will be first to admit he was happy.

His feedback was that the race was super well organized, from start to finish. Loads of hydration for the cyclist through the route. The route itself was a little different from the previous year. This year they did a bit of a cycle through the Kyalami Race Track before heading on over to the finish line. Great way to show peeps from out of town our newly refurbished racetrack.

How to stay active this weekend in Jozi

Also, this weekend was the Standard Bank 5i50 Triathlon Series. Last year this event was held here in Johannesburg and was the main focus of all my training.

Unfortunately, for me, this year it was moved to Port Elizabeth. This is the city where the Ironman SA event is held in April and now it seems that they will be the hosts for the 5i50 Triathlon series too. Feedback from many of my mates that have participated in one or both is that PE knows how to host these events. So, yes, it’s on my bucket list to attend one of these events one day out in the windy city of PE.

A new week, so new goals for the week.

How are you staying active this weekend in Jozi?

How to stay active this weekend in Jozi

Marathon Swim Series have been a real breath of fresh air for those like me that have come to enjoy open water swimming.

They have hosted a few events already this last quarter at the Victoria Lake, Germiston. This coming weekend 26th – 27th November 2016, they will be hosting a 2-day event at the Homestead Dam.

I’m excited because they have an event that’s new for me. The Women and Men’s Iron Mile! You basically swim and run a few loops, the distance adding up to about a mile. There will be a few other distances to participate in ranging from 5km down to the Fun Swim, finishing off with the King/Queen of the Cup on Sunday.

It promises to be another awesome day for the family either as participant or supporter. For R250 it’s a great bargain to enter all the races, alternatively, it’s R100 per race or R50 for the Fun Swim and medals for all finishers .. I love me a medal to share with my toddler son.

How to stay active this weekend in Jozi

Now to make thing exciting for the open water swimmers her in Jozi, Cradle Moon Swim Challenge 2 is also happening this weekend, Sunday the 27th November to be exact!

I’m super excited that typing all that in.

This is a Midmar Mile qualifying seeding race taking place at the Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge out in the Cradle, formerly known as Heia Safari if you swam there last year.

There are a number of races, starting with the 3km Swim at 8am and finishing off with the 500m Fun Swim. As it’s a qualifier for Midmar I’m splitting myself in two this weekend and attending this one on Sunday.

Will I see you at any of the two?

How to stay active this weekend in Jozi

Almost forgot… It’s also the City Lodge 32km Tough One hosted by RAC. If you rode the 947CycleChallenge this past weekend and entered this one too, you’re in for an extra medal for being such an awesome Iron person!

I still want to run this race again. This year just wasn’t it as I don’t believe I’ve got enough running mileage in my legs.

There you have it, a variety of activities taking place this weekend so you can stay active in Jozi this weekend!


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