How to stay active on a busy schedule ?

Fit on a busy schedule

You’re up early.

You’re in meetings all day.

You’re stuck in traffic.

You hardly have time to fit in lunch!

Sound familiar?

It’s certainly my reality, but truth is, it comes down to me whether I’m able to train or not. The reality is that “life” won’t stop for you or me, we need to fit in.

If you want to get fitter or begin your journey to a fitter you, I believe it comes down to:

  • Discipline
  • Exercise
  • Tracking
  • Motivation

Fit on a busy schedule


In order for you to stay the course you need to identify a sport or exercise that most passionate about.

Do you enjoy running, cycling, swimming, gym? I would select at least 3 and place them in the order of most to least favourite.

Now see how easy it is to participate in your favourite sport taking into account your current lifestyle and life expectations. Now that you have opted on one, set an achievable goal. Nowadays there are so many events that cater for the experienced, intermediate and the beginner, that there’s sure to be something for you.


Now that you’ve decided on the type of exercise you want to start, you need to remain disciplined and committed to it. If you can’t remember that you need to exercise, draw up a schedule or put meeting requests into your calendar so that you are reminded of this commitment. You have to treat it like you would any work related meeting or any commitment you make. Don’t go making excuses as to why you can’t exercise, you won’t run out I promise you, rather find excuses as to why you should go and exercise! You know how you find a way to move around your meetings when your dad or mom calls you for urgent support or your child’s school calls you … notice how you quickly find time on these occasions? It’s how you need to see your training schedule.

Fit on a busy scheduleEXERCISE

When you start your sport or exercise make sure you are fully into it. Don’t do it half-heartedly. You won’t see the results you seek! If you decide to run, run-walk-run if you must, but don’t walk it all the way. You will be surprised at how quickly you will be running the whole distance. Get in at least 30-40 minutes of exercise to achieve the full benefit, but don’t do nothing! A little exercise is better than none. If you’re not a morning person, consider working out either during your lunch or after work. If you have to see to your child too, why not feed your child then take them with to the gym. Most gyms today cater for children of all ages. Or get yourself a pram to run with your child or a bike seat so they can go and ride with you too. Make sure you elevate that heart rate during your routine! Most of all, whatever workout you decide on make sure it’s something you will enjoy and pursue wholeheartedly.


You know how when your mates tell you they did something amaz-eee-ing, or how they met with some celebrity or other? The immediate response is normally, “where’s the pic” , right? Why? It’s your way of tracking and verifying what they claiming happened.


It’s your way of tracking and verifying what they claiming happened.

Well with your exercises it’s the same.

If it’s not on Strava .. it didn’t happen! This is especially so if you’re into Running, Swimming or

This is especially so if you’re into Running, Swimming or Cycling. Strava tracks your efforts and updates your mates, more importantly, through the app you’re able to measure yourself. Keep track of how you are progressing. Alternatively, if you’re working out with a mate, use each other to stay motivated and to push each other to progress.

I find that I get super excited when I see that I beat my earlier time for the same distance, or that my pace is faster. If you opted for gym workouts, you need to keep a record of what you’re lifting, or how far you running on the treadmill, how many reps you are doing. Take a notebook with you and update it after each session. By tracking yourself, you get to see how you improving.

It doesn’t matter how hectic your life seems, if you make the effort you will find the time for exercise. Make it a priority in your life, lead a healthier lifestyle and commit to staying fit!

Make it a priority in your life, lead a healthier lifestyle and commit to staying fit!


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    You makes some really good points. I’ve been trying to get moving more but this past week I lacked both motivation and discipline and didn’t work out at all. New week, New beginnings though.

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