How to run safe while on vacation …


Run Safe TipsThere’s no better way to get to know a new city like running through it. Whether you’re there for business or pleasure, you get to appreciate the city more if you’re on foot.

When running you’re alert and pay attention to your surroundings, the people you’re running past, the buildings and the beauty of the city. Now imagine that the city that you’re on vacation in or on business at to be Las Vegas! A city that is known for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife.

How would you run safe here?

Run Safe TipsThese are my tips for running safely in a new city that you’re visiting for the first time, especially if you’re not keen on hitting the treadmill at the hotel.


If you’re on vacation there’s a strong possibility that you are with a mate or loved one, or if  you’re on business that there is a business colleague you can coerce to join you, remember there is safety in numbers.


There are tons of Apps today with global connections like Strava. You’re able to find routes that others have mapped in the city that you find yourself in. Familiarise yourself with those routes, and most importantly make sure it keeps you on the main roads of the city. Also, chat with the hotel reception about  the route that you’re thinking of taking. Important to remember to try to find a few different routes and alternate the times that you go out for your run.


So, at major races, one of the rules is that you’re not permitted to use earphones while you’re running? That rule also applies to you when you’re in a strange city. You need to be alert and as tempting as it is to plug-in … don’t! You want to be aware of the traffic and your surroundings.

Run Safe Tips


I have a compact and lightweight running pouch that I take with me when I enter the long endurance running races. It’s for my running food and cash I may need after the race.

Make sure you have one and keep your phone and some small change in it as it conceals really well under your running top around your waist.  Besides being useful in case of an emergency, it comes in handy if you get lost and/or you get tired and want to call an Uber.


So we’re in Las Vegas … but hey, quite frankly, if you’re on vacation in all chances are, you’re somewhere hot … just like Vegas!

If you’re running in hot temperatures you will need to keep yourself hydrated to avoid collapsing in the middle of your run in a strange city. I suggest you take along a water bottle from the bar fridge in your room … I know they cost a fortune .. or else use that small change you have in your runners pouch to buy yourself some water along the way. If you had studied your route prior to setting out you will have scouted how long before you hit the first convenience store on or exactly where it is situated in case you need to deviate from the route to stay hydrated!


Finally, time your run so that you are running when there’s still plenty of natural light.

Either go running first thing in the morning just after the sun has risen or early evening, at least an hour or so before sunset.

Never go running in the dark especially as you’re new to the city, and as it’s extremely hot, you want to stay as cool as possible so that you can enjoy the experience.

Now go and enjoy that run!

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Run safe!

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