Race Review : Dis-Chem 21 2017

Dischem21 2017These are my thoughts on the race…

Having learnt from last year, I was up at 3am and on the road by 4am so that I could secure a parking close to the start of the race.

I’ve run this race three years in a row now. The first one I ran with Darren, the second although alone, I had travelled to the race with mates, so technically as it is a 21.1km race only, excluding the Fun Run, I wasn’t alone.

This year my third Dis-Chem 21 I drove myself and basically ran without any mates around, and found it boring! I know you’re on a mission, but for me, I realised that having a mate to talk during the 21km is a bonus!

Distance : 21.1km

Weather : The weather was cool at the start of the race, but warmed up through the morning. Although not as hot as 2015, I still found it warmer by the time I finished.

Parking : Plenty of secure parking around the race start/finishing arch. Both outside the fields within the soccer fields close to the Clubhouse.

Organisation : Bedfordview Athletics hosted an amazing well-organised race. Entering is simple, number collection was quick and with no fuss and the race itself, year on year the organisers are doing an outstanding job. I’ve heard comments about it being over-crowded, I don’t know, it’s not any different from another popular 21.1km race in Cape Town in my opinion.

Marshalling : The marshals were helpful along the route.

Water Tables : Plenty of water and coke at the watering tables when I ran past, with the people manning the tables super helpful.

Dischem21 2017Medals : This event’s medals seem to be a bit of an issue. Although, when one enters the race the organisers are very clear that if you want a medal, you need to pay extra for it. I’ve learnt that you later can collect it from the organisers tent after crossing the finish line.

Not sure why they go this route. It just seems to be causing plenty of confusion. Be like other well-organised race, pre-entry only, that way you know how many medals to order and you don’t have to sit with irrelevant medals for the next year.

It’s been the same style medal in the three years I’ve run this race, only the year changing and this year the lanyard was yellow and not the traditional white.

Overall : A well-organised race.

Entry was simple and straightforward. Number collection was without any challenges and the queues moved pretty fast. No issues with the t-shirts either, I received the right size 🙂

I swear, although the route is pretty similar every year, I find it different. Still, the challenge from the 11km to 18km doesn’t change in the least. I found last year easier on the hills but battled this year, but I know why… lack of sufficient training. I’ve run each year differently, and next year will be no different. Already have a plan, but first … I need to train and put some mileage on my legs.

Will remain in my running calendar!