Race Review : 4 in 1 – Bidvest / Midmar / BestMed & Dischem Cycle for Sight

Race ReviewThese are my thoughts on the race…

The last three weeks have been rather active for me, and to be honest I’ve loved it!

First I ran the Bidvest 10k in Rietondal on the 4th Feb, it was my first time running it and totally enjoyed the experience. The route was a great mix of hills and down runs.

The weekend of the 12th Feb was my second attempt of the Midmar Mile. Although my time was slower than in 2016 I totally enjoyed the swim.

This past weekend was busy. I ran the BestMed Tuks 10k in Pretoria on Saturday 18th Feb while Darren cycled the Dischem Cycle for Sight on the 19th Feb. The BestMed Tuks is another run I’ve wanted to run since I began running but somehow just never got round to it. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I really love Pretoria races.

Race ReviewDarren rode the Dischem Cycle for the second time, and he totally enjoyed the new route that seems much more rider friendly compared to when he rode it the first time two years back. It’s a milestone year for the event next year so he will be riding it again.

Distance : 10km x2, 1.6km and 62km

Weather : At all these events the weather was cool at the start of the race, but warmed up through the morning making it ideal conditions to run/swim/cycle at all these events.

Parking : Plenty of secure parking around the race start/finish.

Organisation : All 4 events were extremely well organised. Clear direction signage around the Registration area and along the route where applicable.

Marshalling : The marshals were helpful along the route.

Water Tables : Plenty of water and coke at the watering tables when I ran past, with the people manning the tables super helpful.

Race ReviewMedals : Two new medals for my running collection from the Bidvest and BestMed Tuks races. Bidvest’s medal nothing to write home about, but like the BestMed Tuks medal. The artwork is different and classic.

The Midmar medal not any different from last years.

The Dischem Cycle for Sight race seems new compared to the last time Darren rode the race.

Overall : A well-organised races.

The runs were awesome. Beautiful weather at both starts, although pretty early starts 6 AM it was neither too cold or too warm at the start. Warmed up just enough during the race.

Race ReviewSwim was rushed as usual for me. We somehow always arrive with just a few minutes to spare. Start was smoother compared to 2016, and I somehow managed to miss being elbowed but not the kicks from those crossing my path making their way to the shore on the other side.

Cycle, Darren says the route was so much better compared to his previous attempt. Well organised. Just wondering why the organisers don’t have a water sponsor so that riders get a #aQuellewater when they finish the ride…

All four events definitely one to attempt again in 2018!


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