To Run or Not Run when it’s raining…

Train in the rain

How do you feel about training (read as running) in the rain? 

Personally, I avoid it if I’m training for a specific race. When there are only a few weeks left to that race, I don’t want to risk getting sick or injuring myself leading up to it.

On the flip side, how would those that live in countries that are constantly wet train?  Treadmill the year round?

Surely not?!

From an illness point of view, one of my biggest fears has been that I will catch a cold.  After reading up on how one catches a cold, it does seems that my fears are a little unfounded. Cold viruses are mostly spread through coughs and sneezing, so if someone sneezes and you happen to inhale it … you’re in trouble. If you insist on walking barefoot in the cold (I don’t yet run barefoot) you’re only exposing yourself to another way for the cold to attack your system.

Not to run in the rain…

Running in the rain may not necessarily make you sick, but there are potential risks. As running in the rain may cause your body temperature to drop, you automatically increase the chances of contracting a cold virus.

Besides catching a cold virus, wet conditions increase the risk of you slipping and injuring yourself. You also expose yourself to being hit by a reckless driver or someone who accidentally loses control of their car in the wet conditions in your running path.

Technically, the rain may not make you sick, but an injury may contribute to you having to stay away from running for a while.

Run in the rain…

Train in the rain

If you insist on running in the rain:

  • Wear something bright so you’re visible
  • Wear something that’s waterproof
  • Wear layers e.g. running tights underneath your shorts
  • Make sure your phone is secured in a waterproof case
  • Make sure your running shoes have grip, if smooth you could slip in the rain
  • Wear thin socks so that you have less material to absorb the rain
  • Change into dry clothes as soon as you’re done with the run

Use your better judgement at the end of the day. If it’s raining hard, thunderstorms or windy chances are great that you’re just opening yourself up to injury and you running outdoors just won’t make the run worth it, so hit the treadmill if you can or focus on another form of exercise.

Wait for the rain or storm to clear and hit the road.


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