Race Review : Deloitte Pretoria Race 2017

Race ReviewThese are my thoughts on the race…

Early Sunday morning for us again… I think our bodies are getting used to it now. The road to the start of the race was unusually misty, this just meant us being a little more cautious on the road to the start.

We arrived with 30 minutes to spare.

Start of the race was a little chaotic today. Just before the start of the race, runners, haven’t seen it at the cycling events, but yes at swimming, we want to make sure we’ve removed any extra liquids from our body. Around the 10k holding area there were two sets of mobile toilets. Queues from both ends. As I leave the cubicle I was using I hear some raised voices ..”hmm .. but I was next …” I turn around to see that someone had hijacked someone’s turn into the toilet. Having witnessed it earlier while I waited my turn I knew exactly what happened. Someone had left the queue they were in for the toilets on the other side and pounced on the available toilet that we were waiting for. Seriously!

When we left the raise I noticed there was a bunch of other toilets closer to the finish. Phobian’s Club should look at either having clearer marking at the start or more toilets around the start area. It’s always chaos at the start of any race around the toilets. They may need to get some tips from BestMed Tuks organizers who held the race the previous weekend.

Distance : 10 km

Weather : The weather was cool at the start of the race, but warmed up through the morning. Although we need the rain, I am happy it didn’t rain while we were on the road.

Race ReviewParking : Plenty of secure parking around the race start/finishing arch. This race is clearly very popular and just up the road from last week’s race BestMed Tuks.

Organisation : Phobian’s Club hosted the race this weekend. Although the start was a bit of a messy situation, the rest of the race was well-organized. The route was safe and in most instances runners were free to occupy the two lanes through the leafy suburb of Lynwood.

Marshalling : The marshals were helpful along the route and actually smiling too.

Water Tables : Plenty of water and coke at the watering tables when I ran past, with the people manning the tables super helpful and cheerful! Well done especially the Deloitte table 🙂

Race ReviewMedals : I like the medal, a little different from the usual that most races go with. So creative thought went to the design.

Overall : A well-organized race.

Entry was simple and straightforward. I even managed to be in among the first 5000 so scored a t-shirt! Number collection was without any challenges and the queues moved pretty fast.

The route although rated as a 1/5, 1 being easy and a 5 for tough, it wasn’t without its challenges. We were climbing for most of the route, a few silent downhills, but mostly climbing. As we hit the 1.5km mark roughly, the marathon split from the 10k race, looking on at what marathon route, OMG! A MONSTER climb was waiting for them!

Next year I will tackle that monster!

Will be in my running calendar going forward.