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Race Review : SARENS 21 2017

Race ReviewThese are my thoughts on the race…

This year I decided to run Sarens 21km for the first time. I’d heard about the race and how tough it was.

It was a pretty early start …

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Product Review : Sneaker LAB Premium Shoe Care Kit

Sneaker Lab Premium Kit

I recently got the opportunity to try the “Sneaker Lab Premium Kit”, which is one of the products offered by  Sneaker LABThe shoe care product range is environmentally friendly, containing no soap or chemicals and uses pro-bacterial technology. Their products are Continue reading

Race Review : Medihelp Sunrise Monster 2017

Race ReviewThese are my thoughts on the race…

Early Saturday morning start, but at least it wasn’t a 3 AM start.

Plenty of street parking close to Continue reading

Product Review – Running Shoe Nike Pegasus 33

NIKE Pegasus 33

The shoe I was using for the last two years was beginning to feel a little hard on the sole, it was time to change. I wasn’t looking for anything expensive, so I decided to seek out a newer version of the shoe that I started running in first.

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KETO Nutrition Ambassador

KETO Ambassador Quest

Are you a PRO or Amateur Athlete?

Are you keen to represent a sports brand?

Are you available to become a brand ambassador?

Are you living a healthy lifestyle?

Are you keen on over R30,000 worth of Sponsorship?

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Start using #GetSomeoneRunningSA

#GetSomeoneRunningSA I recently came across a May 2015 post on this hashtag #getsomeonerunning, having recently gone through the experience of getting someone to start running I was taken by the concept. This concept was the brainchild of Bill Strickland from Bicycling who wanted to get more people riding bikes, you can read it here, but it can work for any sport really, so why not running? Continue reading