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#GetSomeoneRunningSA I recently came across a May 2015 post on this hashtag #getsomeonerunning, having recently gone through the experience of getting someone to start running I was taken by the concept. This concept was the brainchild of Bill Strickland from Bicycling who wanted to get more people riding bikes, you can read it here, but it can work for any sport really, so why not running?

Over the last Christmas, my neighbour who’s a cyclist was running around the complex, I invited him to take it up a notch and join me on the road in the new year. I didn’t think it would happen. Imagine my surprise when I received a Whatsapp message from him asking me when we were going out running! We started off easy the first day and parted ways agreeing to meet the following week for another run. To be honest I didn’t think it would happen. Today we’re up to two weekly runs and he is the one that sets up the days we running.

#GetSomeoneRunningSAFriends, colleagues, family that admire your running and what you’ve achieved but just can’t get themselves to start. Why don’t you chat to them about starting to run? This is the perfect opportunity 🙂

See if you can excite them to join you on a short easy walk/jog around your block. Distance isn’t important, let them set the pace. You want them to start and continue. Don’t put too much pressure on them that you put them off.

If they decide to actually start running .. here are a few pointers:

  • Find someone to join you on the run, it’s safe and you keep motivating each other
  • Let your doctor confirm you’re OK to start running as a form of regular exercise
  • Start brisk walking
  • Build the time you spend brisk walking adding 5 minutes every day to the previous day’s
  • Download an App like Strava to keep track of your progress
  • Get yourself decent running shoes, else you may hate it or injure yourself
  • You have to make time to go out and brisk walk/run. Some prefer mornings, while others early evenings. Decide on a time that your mind won’t be bogged by other things
  • Set yourself a goal to work towards

I came across this clip to hopefully entice you a little more to start running…

Go out there and #GetSomeoneRunningSA. Use the hashtag to share your stories on Social Media.



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