Product Review – Running Shoe Nike Pegasus 33

NIKE Pegasus 33

The shoe I was using for the last two years was beginning to feel a little hard on the sole, it was time to change. I wasn’t looking for anything expensive, so I decided to seek out a newer version of the shoe that I started running in first.

The Nike Pegasus

I started running in Nike Pegasus 29. I totally enjoyed the comfort and how my feet felt after 21kms. No Pain. No muscle aches. Comfort.

My research indicated that Nike had a new release in the market, the Pegasus 33 released 2 June 2016. The various reviews I read were positive.

My Verdict

  • Comfortable cushioning – the longer I ran the more comfortable the shoe became
  • Neutral shoe
  • Upper slightly different from my earlier 29
  • Foot felt secure
  • Zoom cushioning mid shoe wasn’t there in my 29, but it’s pretty quick to get used to it that you actually forget it’s there but makes it a comfortable runNIKE Pegasus 33 -
  • Felt reasonably light on my foot
  • Looks great vibrant colour – important for me – you can get it in black too
  • Priced between R1400 and R1900 in South Africa

I’ve used it on the treadmill and took it out for a 10k run, both instances it felt comfortable and a good hold on the tarmac. Looking forward to seeing how it will hold on a 21km route. I understand that for that distance it’s the max the shoe will remain easy on the feet.

My feet felt secure more so than it did in the 29 throughout the run. A great neutral road running shoe and reasonably priced.


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