Race Review : Medihelp Sunrise Monster 2017

Race ReviewThese are my thoughts on the race…

Early Saturday morning start, but at least it wasn’t a 3 AM start.

Plenty of street parking close to the start of the race. Finding the entry tables was easy enough.

Distance : 10 km – TOUGH route. The route is described as a mini-monster … it’s true. Our route was unforgiving but held beautiful vistas of the city, Pretoria.

Weather : Pleasant cool weather throughout the route

Parking : Plenty of secure parking around the race start/finishing arch. This race is clearly very popular.

Organisation : Harlequin’s Club hosted the race this weekend. The entry, number collection was reasonably smooth. Wish there were toilets at the start, though. It’s no secret many runners want to use the toilet before their race starts, check the queues at any race prior to the start. Why would there be no toilets close to the start? I fear some races assume that everyone taking part is someone that’s run it before when it’s not the case really!

Marshalling : The marshals were helpful along the route.

Water Tables : Plenty of water and coke at the watering tables when I ran past, with the people manning the tables super helpful and cheerful!

Race ReviewMedals : Nothing “wow” about the medal.

Overall : A reasonably well-organized race.

Entry was simple and straightforward. Number collection was without any challenges and the queues moved pretty fast. As t-shirts were “limited” happy that I managed to finish the race in time to score me one. I believe that it’s a great way to get runners to push themselves, if like me you’re into race t-shirts. The quality of the t-shirt was great too. For a change, I regret not having opted for the large as the sizes were correct.

The start of the 10km route was horrendous. For a race in its 40th year, how do you race organisers allow cars to be parked directly in the path of the runners at the starting arch? During the run route, there were times that we were extremely close to moving cars. It was my first attempt, so not sure if this is how it’s been over the last 40 years that the race has taken place. The route, itself is as tough as it is described. There were times walking is all I could manage not only because the climb was real, but I was facing a human wall right across the route. It was that tough!

The route, itself is as tough as it is described, undulating and mentally demanding of the runner. There were times walking was all I could manage not only because the climb was real, but I was facing a human wall right across the route. It was that tough!

If what we ran was a “mini monster” OMG! what did the 32km route feel like?!

Undecided if I will be attempting it next year.



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  1. deeksdaz

    There was also no entertainment for supporters of kids back at the finish, limited food and drink vendors and the vendors that were there were tucked away in one corner, very difficult to see them at all.


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