My Quarter 1 Fitness Reflections

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I can’t believe that the first quarter of the year is already over!

Reflecting on quarter 1, it does seem it’s been the most active quarter I’ve had since starting on this amazing journey to becoming a more physically active version of myself. 

The year started with the Dischem21 . This race is fast becoming one of my annuals. This year it was my third attempt, also my slowest 🙂 I’m chasing 10 Dischem21…. I was supposed to have run the Johnson Crane 21KM, but somehow I “forgot” about it … Next year I will have to run it, and if I complete it I will have run all three distances at this race.

Late 2016 I decided that I was going to attempt the OMTOM Half Marathon again in 2017, having missed out last year. Since my slow January start, like everything else in life, February my training picked up.

Races I completed in February:

  • Bidvest McCarthy Toyota 10KM
  • BestMed 10KM
  • Midmar Mile
  • Deloitte Pretoria 10km

March I did a few more races, while also doing a few road runs around the burbs …:

  • MediHelp Sunrise Monster 10km
  • Sarens 21KM
  • Om Die Dam 21km
  • Birchwood’s 10km
  • Completed 100KM though as part of the #RWChallenge2017 March challenge
  • Also challenged fellow South African’s to begin encouraging others to start running and sharing their stories in pictures using #GetSomeoneRunningSA

I honestly was the most active I’ve been since I started on this journey back in 2015. Last year I know I wasn’t even half as active.

March was challenging to meet my running goals, life threw some hectic curveballs my way. Still, I pushed and am happy that I managed to stay focused.

Do you set monthly or quarterly goals for yourself?

Speed has improved this year, although I haven’t yet managed to reach my sub60 in the 10KM or the sub2 in the 21KM I remain focused and continue to chase these times in 2017 while enjoying the experience and having fun!

The weekly runs with my neighbour are playing a role in my improved times I have no doubt. We have our own version of weekly time trials. It’s assisting us both. This quarter I plan to introduce trail running to my runs, and I believe that we could be doing some Crossfit activities as well during our runs.

How active were you in the first quarter?