2014 the year my life changed for the better .. I stopped being a “couch potato” !

First I started running long distances, to be exact it all started last year May. That’s when I ventured one winter morning to the local run in the local Parkrun. That I managed to finish it in 35 minutes was awesome, that I finished was a miracle!

Three months later I was running my first 10km, it was in Soweto. We got lost trying to find the starting line in the dark winter morning but we eventually got there. It wasn’t flat. Hills were the order of the day, but I finished the 10km in 1h12. This is when I knew the bug had bitten me. October 2014 I had entered the 21.1km Two Oceans 2015, Dischem 21.1km and Om Die Dam 21.1km all happening in 2015. Yes, insane right! I trained from October all through our summer Christmas break. January 11, 2015 I ran my very first Half Marathon in 2h35!

October 2014 I attempted my first sprint triathlon. I was under the assumption that because I could swim in a pool, that I’d be able to swim in the open waters… NOT! I swam 100m and stopped! Panic hit me so hard I couldn’t move. I somehow made my way back to the start and thought that was the end, I wasn’t made to be a triathlete.

 2015 through mates of mine, I met a gentleman by the name of Kristian Fesel, who has since become a hero to me in the triathlon world. He opened the waters, so to speak to me. My friend June swam with me for my second attempt in open waters. My confidence grew and I entered the last open waters swimming event for the season.  I swam 1.6km in 39 minutes. 

My focus for 2015 was to compete and complete the 5150 Ekurhuleni African Championship at the Germiston Lake taking place on the 1st of November 2015. I totally managed to start and finish the triathlon in 3h35! 

2016 has rocked already, I’ve managed to better my Dischem21 time by cutting 20 minutes from my performance in 2015! A few weeks later I was back on the road attempting my first full marathon, all 42.2kms of it! I managed to finish it in 4h57 .. yes I almost took the whole 5 hours allocated to those attempting to qualify for the 2016 Comrades taking place in May!

To you reading this blog, I hope that somehow I manage to motivate or inspire you to also get a little more active and compliment it by eating right too. At the same time, I’m hoping that through my active weekends either swimming, cycling or running my little boy is inspired to do the same or some, but not just sit in front of the TV or iPad.

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