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Shoo .. I just survived … just … Comrades!

Were you sitting on the edge of your seat the whole of yesterday(Sunday), screaming at the screen as if the runners could hear you like I was? No? Was that just me? Oh dear .. ok πŸ™‚ Continue reading


Sandile needs your tweets…

Please use your tweet for a great cause.

Sandile has been challenged to run 1.6km next Sunday at the Comrades Ultra Marathon by Nedbank. What’s so special about 1.6km when everyone else is running almost 90km? 

Here is what’s so special about this particular stretch of 1.6km:

  • Sandile had his legs amputated and will be using artificial limbs
  • The 1.6km that he will run will be made up of all the tweets of encouragement individuals like you and I send

How can you support:

  • Go over to Twitter
  • Login
  • And send Sandile a message of encourage using these hashtags 
  • #GoSandile #NedbankGreenMile
  • Include @PhambiliSandile

Watch a small clip from Sandile here.

Thank you πŸ™‚


Kristian Fesel … my humble hero!!

Kristian Fesel

Kristian Fesel

Last year October I ran a series called Feature Friday. On the 9th October 2015 I featured this man, Kristian Fesel. For me he is a real life hero. Continue reading

The start of a fitter you… by Darren



I have to state that hubby is my biggest supporter .. second only to our son πŸ™‚ .. by a very small margin. Darren enjoys reading and writing, when I’ve found myself stuck, he has been there to help me cross the bridge. It was because of him, that my passion for running was rekindled, but it was his continued belief in me that got me to my first 10km, my first 21.1km, triathlon and most recently his support helped me to actually complete my first full marathon. I was extremely happy when he agreed to contribute Continue reading

2015 .. My year of firsts

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What a fantastic year of first in the sports field for me, this year has been! I started the year with an 11km run on the very first day of 2015 through the Botanical gardens in Pretoria and along the side streets. A year back, I would have told you to go run it yourself, instead this year I was the one chasing hubby and son into the car so we arrived in Pretoria on time. Continue reading

Sunday Looms on the horizon …

5150 Germiston 2015

5150 Germiston 2015

It all currently feels a little surreal…

My participation in the 5i50 African Championship taking place this Sunday 1 November 2015 has been a dream of mine the last few years.

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Motivation Monday


This coming weekend, I’m tackling a monster ride in terms of distance. For the first time in my life,

sourced online

sourced online

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