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Taking back my fitness …

It took me a while ok more like 2 months, but I’m slowly finding my way back.

First I made it back onto the road with my running.

Today I was back on a bike spinning. I haven’t hit then Cradle for some road cycling yet… But I know it will happen.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Baby steps I will gain back my fitness.

I will be fit again.

They say summer bodies are made in Winter … I’m gonna work towards it.

I have goals.

I have dreams.

Let’s do this and get me back to being a fit!



What’s happening at the races …

Cradle of Humankind Race - sourced online

Cradle of Humankind Race – sourced online

It astounds me how quickly the days are passing us by. Seems like it was just the other day I was completing my first Olympic Distance Triathlon, my first 947 Cycle Challenge and now we are Continue reading

Tips for being race ready …

Running Club

Running Club

This amazing insurance company, who happens to also host the MiWay Warriors my running club, are hosting the 40th Wally Hayward Marathon on the 2nd May 2016! Continue reading

My free Uber ride to the start of Pirates!

Uber - sourced online

Uber  New Logo – sourced online

Thanks to the #Pirates21 this past weekend, I was able to experience what the fuss about is about Uber and get to the start of this race on time! Yep, the Pirates Club and Uber got together and if you were using Uber for the first time Continue reading

Pirates 21km …Another tough run!


Pirates 21km - sourced online

Pirates 21km – sourced online

This Sunday 21st February 2016,  I attempt my first Pirates21K. My first attempt at this race, that has a serious reputation of being Continue reading