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Start using #GetSomeoneRunningSA

#GetSomeoneRunningSA I recently came across a May 2015 post on this hashtag #getsomeonerunning, having recently gone through the experience of getting someone to start running I was taken by the concept. This concept was the brainchild of Bill Strickland from Bicycling who wanted to get more people riding bikes, you can read it here, but it can work for any sport really, so why not running? Continue reading

Race Review : Deloitte Pretoria Race 2017

Race ReviewThese are my thoughts on the race…

Early Sunday morning for us again… I think our bodies are getting used to it now. The road to the start of the race was unusually misty, this just meant us being a little more cautious on the road to the start.

We arrived with 30 minutes to spare.

Start of the race was a little chaotic today. Just before the start of the race, runners, haven’t seen it at the cycling events, but yes at swimming, we want to make sure we’ve removed any extra liquids from our body. Around the 10k holding area there Continue reading

To Run or Not Run when it’s raining…

Train in the rain

How do you feel about training (read as running) in the rain? 

Personally, I avoid it if I’m training for a specific race. When there are only a few weeks left to that race, I don’t want to risk getting sick or injuring myself leading up to it.

On the flip side, how would those that live in countries that are constantly wet train?  Treadmill the year round?

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Race Review : 4 in 1 – Bidvest / Midmar / BestMed & Dischem Cycle for Sight

Race ReviewThese are my thoughts on the race…

The last three weeks have been rather active for me, and to be honest I’ve loved it!

First I ran the Bidvest 10k in Rietondal on the 4th Feb, it was my first time running it and totally enjoyed the experience. The route was a great mix of hills and down runs.

The weekend of the 12th Feb was my second attempt of the Midmar Mile. Although my time was slower than in 2016 I totally enjoyed the swim.

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Reasons to teach your child to swim

Reasons to teach your child to swimI have come across many stories lately about how easy it is to lose a child to drowning. Honestly, with a toddler in the house, these write-ups scares have kinda scared me. For me, it’s a major reason to teach a child how to swim. Their safety around water is paramount! I’m teaching our child to swim so that he is able to save his own life if he wanders off close to a pool.

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Race Review : Bidvest McCarthy Toyota 34th Half Marathon

Race ReviewThese are my thoughts on the race…

For the last two years I’ve meant to run this race but just never got round to it. This year I was up at 3 AM and made my way to Pretoria.

Having never run this race before I had no idea where I was going, so was reliant on my navigator to get me there.

I arrived with plenty of time before my race start time of 06:30 AM

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