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My Quarter 1 Fitness Reflections

Sneaker LAB Premium Kit

I can’t believe that the first quarter of the year is already over!

Reflecting on quarter 1, it does seem it’s been the most active quarter I’ve had since starting on this amazing journey to becoming a more physically active version of myself.  Continue reading


2017 Fitness Goals

Fit Dad

The first month of 2017 is almost over and I haven’t yet updated my blog.

2017 is going to be my “comeback” year! Yes, after not being extremely active in 2016 compared to 2015, let’s just say that I can see the effect this had on me physically.

To make sure I didn’t come up with excuses, last year I started entering races I wanted to take part in this year. With the entering of races comes the need for training.

I want to be able to finish the races comfortably and not struggle through them.  Continue reading

How to stay active on a busy schedule ?

Fit on a busy schedule

You’re up early.

You’re in meetings all day.

You’re stuck in traffic.

You hardly have time to fit in lunch!

Sound familiar? Continue reading

Taking back my fitness …

It took me a while ok more like 2 months, but I’m slowly finding my way back.

First I made it back onto the road with my running.

Today I was back on a bike spinning. I haven’t hit then Cradle for some road cycling yet… But I know it will happen.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Baby steps I will gain back my fitness.

I will be fit again.

They say summer bodies are made in Winter … I’m gonna work towards it.

I have goals.

I have dreams.

Let’s do this and get me back to being a fit!


Swim through winter…

Winter Swimming

The thought of swimming in winter is just not appealing at all, more especially to people like me that swim for the fun and not as a career.

I find it so much easier to sleep in or keep warm under my warm blanket, when compared to getting out of bed on a cold winter morning, putting on my swimming trunks, and hitting the Continue reading

Keep running this winter …

Winter Training

Winter Training

It’s freaking cold and unless you’re like ultra serious, getting out of bed in the mornings just doesn’t seem like an option. Putting it off until after work … well it’s much of a muchness isn’t it. The chance of you hitting the gym in the cold is just as unlikely.

This past weekend I ran my second Pirates 10km. It didn’t feel as cold as the start last year, yet it was cold. I ran the 10km and didn’t break sweat once, to make matters worse, my legs normally warm up in the first 3km … it. did. not. happen. on Sunday.  Continue reading

What’s happening at the races …

Cradle of Humankind Race - sourced online

Cradle of Humankind Race – sourced online

It astounds me how quickly the days are passing us by. Seems like it was just the other day I was completing my first Olympic Distance Triathlon, my first 947 Cycle Challenge and now we are Continue reading