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My Quarter 1 Fitness Reflections

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I can’t believe that the first quarter of the year is already over!

Reflecting on quarter 1, it does seem it’s been the most active quarter I’ve had since starting on this amazing journey to becoming a more physically active version of myself.  Continue reading


Race Review : 4 in 1 – Bidvest / Midmar / BestMed & Dischem Cycle for Sight

Race ReviewThese are my thoughts on the race…

The last three weeks have been rather active for me, and to be honest I’ve loved it!

First I ran the Bidvest 10k in Rietondal on the 4th Feb, it was my first time running it and totally enjoyed the experience. The route was a great mix of hills and down runs.

The weekend of the 12th Feb was my second attempt of the Midmar Mile. Although my time was slower than in 2016 I totally enjoyed the swim.

Continue reading

2017 Fitness Goals

Fit Dad

The first month of 2017 is almost over and I haven’t yet updated my blog.

2017 is going to be my “comeback” year! Yes, after not being extremely active in 2016 compared to 2015, let’s just say that I can see the effect this had on me physically.

To make sure I didn’t come up with excuses, last year I started entering races I wanted to take part in this year. With the entering of races comes the need for training.

I want to be able to finish the races comfortably and not struggle through them.  Continue reading

September is here …

PPRA Fun Run

Damn! Can you believe that we’re literally hours away from the month of September?!

Have you got all your races planned for the month?  Continue reading

Is it too cold to workout or is it laziness …

A year ago my journey to my first Triathlon began. I was pumped! I was eager! I was super ready to give this trip my all.

I was up before the sun, either hitting the road for a 5km run or in the pool (gym pools are kinda warm after a few laps) swimming between two and Continue reading

Midmar Conquered!

Midmar Mile 2016

Midmar Mile 2016

Sunday morning, Valentine’s day 2016 … instead of me having a lay in and getting spoilt by the hubby, I got hubby and our young man into our Continue reading

Midmar Mile …

Herbalife Protein Shake

Herbalife Protein Shake

The 2016 Midmar Mile is almost upon us. For me it’s another sport’s event I’ve wanted to do for the longest time, Continue reading