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Shoo .. I just survived … just … Comrades!

Were you sitting on the edge of your seat the whole of yesterday(Sunday), screaming at the screen as if the runners could hear you like I was? No? Was that just me? Oh dear .. ok 🙂 Continue reading


Caroline Wöstmann – a race of 2 halves

Some inspiration this morning, for my friends making their way to Comrades this coming weekend.

I saw this clip on my timeline this morning, some sound advice from last year’s ladies Comrades Winner Caroline Wöstmann on the down run this coming weekend! Continue reading

Running Comrades for the first? Thelma shares a few insights …

Thelma Theron

Thelma Theron

Firstly a bit of history to set the scene for my readers; I first met Thelma Theron a few years ago, ok a long, long while back. She had come to Swaziland on business and Continue reading

Sandile needs your tweets…

Please use your tweet for a great cause.

Sandile has been challenged to run 1.6km next Sunday at the Comrades Ultra Marathon by Nedbank. What’s so special about 1.6km when everyone else is running almost 90km? 

Here is what’s so special about this particular stretch of 1.6km:

  • Sandile had his legs amputated and will be using artificial limbs
  • The 1.6km that he will run will be made up of all the tweets of encouragement individuals like you and I send

How can you support:

  • Go over to Twitter
  • Login
  • And send Sandile a message of encourage using these hashtags 
  • #GoSandile #NedbankGreenMile
  • Include @PhambiliSandile

Watch a small clip from Sandile here.

Thank you 🙂


Kallie’s tips with 9 days before Comrades

9 Days to go ...

9 Days to go …

It’s just over  a week before a few of my friends and many more other runners venture out onto the streets of Pietermaritzburg to run the Comrades. Continue reading

Discovery app and their illogical point’s allocation …

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Almost a month back I blogged about the Discovery’s revision of their Vitality Active Rewards Programme. Didn’t you read it? Shame on  you 🙂 pop on over here so that you can catch up.

A month since the changes were implemented I thought I’d Continue reading

What I learnt from Sunday’s run ..

Following my 10km run at the Adrienne Hersch this past weekend, I have sat back, lay down and would have stood on my head if it helped me understand what happened during the run.  Continue reading